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Liberae Cogitationes

Liber amicorum Marc Bossuyt

Book | 1st edition 2013 | United Kingdom | André Alen, Veronique Joosten, Riet Leysen, Willem Verrijdt

On the 9th of January 2014, Marc Bossuyt, President of the Belgian Constitutional Court, will be awarded emeritus status. As a tribute for his remarkably prolific career, this Liber amicorum, to which more than fifty colleagues and friends have contributed, aims to express the appreciation inspired by his magnificent fine career. The editorial committee did not have to look far to choose the subject of the book. Indeed, “Human Rights” is the common theme in the multifaceted career of Marc Bossuyt, and a theme that is very close to his heart. The title of the book is “Liberae cogitationes”. Marc Bossuyt has always considered freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas with others as very important. With his strong power of persuasion, he conveyed his solidly underpinned points of view to his numerous interlocutors and challenged them to interesting debates on fundamental issues in a State governed by the rule of law and, in particular, on the protection of human rights.

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Format Hardback
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Language English
Publication Date Dec 10, 2013
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  • Table of Contents
  • The Universal Declaration at sixty-five. Some retrospective reflections
  • Kanttekeningen bij de samenwerking tussen de hogere rechtscolleges inzake mensenrechten
  • Pour une protection effi cace des whistleblowers, klokkenluiders et autres amis de la vérité
  • Les contours du « recours eff ectif » en matière d’asile : tentative d’état des lieux
  • ‘Judex calcula!’ Ook voor mensenrechten?
  • Th e sociology of international constitutionalisation
  • Règlement pacifi que des diff érends internationaux : bilan et perspectives
  • e Court of Luxembourg acting as an asylum court
  • Le progrès des droits de l’homme, en guise de post-scriptum pour la Sous-Commission des droits de l’homme
  • Th e constitutional guarantees of rights and political freedoms – A Maltese perspective
  • In Bluebeard’s castle? Some musings on academic freedom and academic integrity
  • Mensenrechten en het tucht rechtelijke optreden inzake vrije beroepen. Een blik in het verleden met het oog op de toekomst
  • La protection des droits fondamentaux en Europe : à quand un cours d’harmonie ?
  • Het vorderingsrecht van de ‘vader’ in het licht van de mensenrechten. De relevante rechtspraak van het Grondwettelijk Hof
  • Nationals, EU citizens and foreigners: rethinking discrimination on grounds of nationality in EU Law
  • Th e prohibition of discriminatory torture in international law
  • Verkenningen op de grenzen van privaat- en publiekrecht
  • Some refl ections on the reform of the European Court of Human Rights
  • De neutraliteit van het offi cieel onderwijs – Grondwettelijke contouren
  • La Cour internationale de Justice face au droit international des droits de l’homme
  • The Arab awakening: a wake-up call for the UN Human Rights Council
  • The Belgian Constitutional Court: a satellite of the ECtHR?
  • Droits de l’homme et immunités des États et des organisations internationales
  • Human rights protection through judicial dialogue between national constitutional courts and the European Court of Justice
  • Les traditions culturelles, enjeux pour les droits de l’homme
  • La « libération » du juge
  • Prisoners’ right to vote: the Hirst case law of the European Court of Human Rights and its application by the Belgian Constitutional Court
  • Th e European Court of Human Rights is no European Asylum Court
  • L’intervention des pouvoirs publics dans l’économie et la liberté d’entreprendre
  • La problématique de l’accès des particuliers à la Cour africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuples en matière contentieuse
  • Th e Belgian Constitutional Court: guardian of consensus democracy or venue for deliberation?
  • Les droits de l’enfant dessinés par la Cour constitutionnelle
  • L’apatridie en Belgique – État des lieux en 2012
  • De betekenis van Marc Bossuyt voor de Burundese rechtstaat – ‘Mushingantahe’ als eretitel
  • Les immunités de droit international et la rupture de l’égalité devant les charges publiques
  • Travaux préparatoires of human rights instruments
  • Towards abolition of the death penalty in international human rights law
  • The protection of human rights through the Courts of regional
  • Activism at the admissibility stage: a threat to the subsidiary role of the European Court of Human Rights?
  • Droits fondamentaux en concours et concours des questions préjudicielles. La Cour constitutionnelle et la jurisprudence Melki et Chartry de la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne
  • Th e United Nations system for the protection of human rights. What is happening to the principle of universality?
  • Morocco, steady she goes on the waves of the Arab spring. Th e Alaoui Monarch at the helm of the transition to democracy and human rights for the Western Kingdom
  • Th e domestic courts’ response to divergent views among international human rights bodies: thoughts prompted by the Singh v. France cases
  • Human rights protection in fragile states and post-confl ict environments. What role for international norms and actors? A case study on Burundi
  • What role for the constitutional judge in times of multilevel human rights protection? Th e Money Laundering Directive as an example
  • From Nuremberg to the EU Directive: access to justice and fair trial through highly qualifi ed interpreters and translators
  • The genesis of constitutional courts: the Belgian and South African experiences compared
  • ‘It’s a livin’ thing’. Th e European Convention applied in Strasbourg and at the domestic level: cooperation and dialogue
  • Twee maten en twee gewichten. Over scheiding der machten, jurisdictioneel pluralisme, administratieve rechtscolleges, de Raad van State en de grondwettelijke beginselen van gelijkheid en niet-discriminatie
  • Crisissen zijn uitdagingen, constitutionele crisissen dagen de Grondwet uit
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and the rule of law
  • The Belgian Constitutional Court as a domestic remedy for ECHR violations
  • The Greek debt restructuring and property rights. A Greek tragedy for investors?
  • International (human rights) law as applied between the entities of the Belgian federation
  • Why the Strasbourg judges, like Odysseus, should tie themselves to the mast