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The Treaty on European Union 1993-2013

Reflections from Maastricht

Book | 1st edition 2013 | Europe | Maartje de Visser

The Treaty on European Union, popularly known as the Maastricht Treaty, has had a profound impact on the process of European integration. This book commemorates the entry in force of the Treaty 20 years ago by evaluating the legal impact it has had on the European Union’s institutional framework and its policies. It includes contributions on a wide variety of topics, including Economic and Monetary Union, Union citizenship, fundamental rights, foreign affairs and defence policy, educational policy and environmental policy. The different contributions revisit the reasons for the changes the Maastricht Treaty has brought about and examine their development over the years, identifying unexpected success stories, unfulfilled expectations, missed opportunities and future challenges. The contributors are or were associated with the Maastricht Centre for European Law or the Faculty of Law of the Maastricht University, giving this book a unique ‘Maastricht’ flavour. This book will be of interest to legal scholars and practitioners with a keen interest in EU law and European integration.

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  • Table of Contents
  • The 20th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty: Reflections from Maastricht
    Maartje de Visser
  • Constitutional Change in the Shadow of the Maastricht Treaty
    Elise Muir
  • A Look through the Lens of the Member States’ Constitutions: Maastricht as the Beginning of a New Era?
    Monica Claes
  • The Elusive Unity of the EU Legal Order after Maastricht
    Bruno de Witte
  • The Role of the European Court of Justice from Maastricht to Lisbon: Putting Together the Scattered Pieces of Patchwork
    Maja Brkan
  • Withdrawal from the European Union: An Option with Unforeseen Consequences
    Phedon A. Nicolaides
  • Twenty Years After Maastricht and Nineteen Years After Porto: What Has Become of the Objective of Creating a Dynamic and Homogeneous European Economic Area?
    Anja Wiesbrock, Katharina Eisele
  • Subsidiarity: From a General Principle to an Instrument for the Improvement of Democratic Legitimacy in Lisbon
    Diane Fromage
  • Born in Maastricht: The Right of Inquiry of the European Parliament
    Christian Syrier
  • The Increasing Influence of the Ombudsman in the Institutional System of the European Union
    Sarah Schoenmaekers
  • Taking Care of Business? Ensuring Respect for Fundamental Rights in Europe
    Maartje de Visser
  • Festina Lente: CFSP from Maastricht to Lisbon and Beyond
    Jan Wouters, Hanne Cuyckens
  • Between Pillars and Policies: The Quest for Consistency in EU External Relations Law
    Andrea Ott
  • The Third Pillar of the Maastricht Treaty: The Coming Out of Justice and Home Affairs
    Jorrit Rijpma
  • Substantive Criminal Law in the European Union
    Johannes Keiler, André Klip
  • Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Twenty Years of EU Cooperation in Criminal Matters
    Michele Panzavolta
  • European Private International Law: Quo Vadis? A Methodological Journey from Maastricht to Amsterdam, Lisbon and further – Future Challenges
    Stephan Rammeloo
  • Union Citizenship and Constrained Democracy
    Floris De Witte
  • The Social (Rights) Dimension of EU Citizenship
    Nicola Gundt
  • ‘Disrupting and Annoying’ – EU Citizenship and EU Migration Law Destroying Old Habits of National Migration Policy Making
    Moritz Jesse
  • Internal Market, Competition Law and Industrial Policy
    Wouter Devroe, Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel
  • Twenty Years After Maastricht: The Coming of Age of the EMU?
    Stefaan Van Den Bogaert, Vestert Borger
  • Economic and Monetary Union: Maastricht’s Great Failure
    Mark Dawson
  • How Little Red Riding Hood coped with the EMU Wolf – The Quest for Adequate Modes to Manage the Social Consequences of European Integration
    Saskia Klosse
  • Social Policy and the Maastricht Treaty: Much Ado about Nothing?
    Lisa Waddington
  • Twenty Years of EU Environmental Legislation after Maastricht: The Increasing Role of the EU as a Global Green Standard-Setter
    Marjan Peeters
  • Access to Courts for Environmental NGOs at the European and National Level: Improvements and Room for Improvement since Maastricht?
    Chris Backes, Mariolina Eliantonio
  • No Bark and Less Bite? What Article 169 TFEU hasn’t done for Consumer Law and Why Not
    Gary Low
  • The Case to Correct Some of Maastricht’s Mistakes: A Critical Assessment of Article 165 TFEU on Education and Suggestions for Reform
    Sacha Garben
  • The State of the European Health Union – The Maastricht Contribution to EU Health Policy
    Ellen Vos