Downloading an e-book

What is an e-book (or a digital book)? 

An e-book (or digital book) is a virtual book which takes the form of a computer file which can be downloaded.

The ePub format, the standard format of the e-book, adapts to any screen size and is particularly well adapted for reading on mobile phone formats.

Is access to my e-book totally free?

The Larcier-Intersentia e-books are subject to watermarking. 

Watermarking is a tattoo applied to the digital book to avoid any illegal distribution of the book. Watermarking is the identification code of the buyer which enables the digital book to be tracked. Watermarking, or watermark, is also sometimes called ‘tattooing’, ‘social DRM’ or ‘marking.’

In the e-books protected by this technique, the following text is cited at the end of each e-book:

This book has been bought on a Larcier-Intersentia website and belongs to:

This e-book contains a watermark and an identification: 546544qqdcbLDUHF12¨°0Vr

From when can I consult the e-book I have just bought?

To buy an e-book, follow the online ordering process in the same way as buying a book. Once the payment has been confirmed, an email containing the download link is sent to you, no later than 48 hours after your order has been confirmed. If you do not receive your download email, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.

How do I download and consult an e-book? 

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email containing the download link, whose validity is guaranteed for 3 months.

Downloading the e-book does not mean that you will subsequently be able to print this e-book. In fact, it will be possible for you to consult it as you please online and/or at home, but you will not have a document which can be printed.

To be able to download and read your e-book, you must have downloaded and installed one of the following applications: 

When first installing the application, you have to provide information about or create an ID. This username will enable you to download your e-book once again to other media formats than the computer on which you have downloaded it in the first place (with a maximum of 6 media formats).

Once downloaded your e-book will be automatically found in your application’s library.