Organising / enrolling for a training programme

I am interested in a training programme. How do I register?

Enrolment for a training programme is carried out exclusively on our website. If you are a UPF member, please tick the dedicated box to benefit from specific conditions.

How is the payment made?

Enrolling for a training programme is carried out on our website. Once the form has been filled in, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment. No pre-payment is required, and an invoice will be sent to you following your training programme.

I have reserved a training programme, but I cannot attend. Can someone replace me?

It is in fact possible for you to be replaced on a training programme. To do so, all you have to do is send an email to our customer service department ( in order to inform them of the name, the qualifications and the email address of your replacement.

Can I cancel a training programme?

The training programme may be cancelled up to 7 days before it takes place by contacting our customer service department at this address or at 0800 39 067

Are there ‘in-house’ training programmes?

Larcier-Intersentia allows you to organise training programmes within your company and on a theme you have yourself chosen. During the ‘in-house’ training programmes, we will adapt to your company, to its employees and to their specific needs. We will construct a made to measure programme which matches your expectations.