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  1. Culture and Law

    Culture and Law

    An Inescapable Encounter
    Book | 1st edition 2023 | United Kingdom | Jorge Sánchez Cordero
    One of the greatest contributions of the twentieth century was undoubtedly the expansion of the concept of culture. One of the consequences of the amplification of the notion of culture was that it permeated all social disciplines, and law was evidently no exception. Research into law and culture was somewhat belated but has recently yielded a multitude of interesting literature and relevant inquiries. This important volume brings together meditations from some of the leading scholars in the field.
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  2. The European Union and the Euro

    The European Union and the Euro

    How to Deal with a Currency Built on Dreams
    Book | 1st edition 2014 | Hans Geeroms, Stefaan Ide, Frank Naert
    Since 2007 the European Union and the euro have, to put it mildly, been struggling. The EU seems to have lost its competitiveness against the United States and emerging countries. The eurozone crisis has turned into a succession of country crises ebbing and flowing like the tide, threatening to poison the entire eurozone and jeopardising world economic growth. The European Union After the Euro Crisis examines this period of turmoil, putting it into a larger historical, institutional and economic context and outlining the efforts of the EU and its Member States to escape economic and financial meltdown.
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