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European Yearbook on Human Rights 2023

Book | 1st edition 2023 | Philip Czech, Lisa Heschl, Karin Lukas, Manfred Nowak, Gerd Oberleitner

The world is in a state of flux, and the wellbeing of humanity is challenged by old and new conflicts, climate change and a general threat to the rule of law and democracy. These challenges require novel and innovative approaches in relation to the interpretation of existing human rights frameworks if the impact of these new threats is to be mitigated.

Focusing on rethinking human rights, the European Yearbook brings together renowned scholars, practitioners and emerging voices to the discussion on the importance of changing our understanding of human rights and their fulfilment for the collective benefit of humanity in this time of constant change.

About the Editors

PHILIP CZECH is a senior scientist at the Austrian Institute for Human Rights, University of Salzburg and editor of the Newsletter Menschenrechte.

LISA HESCHL is a senior scientist at the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, University of Graz.

KARIN LUKAS is Professor at the Department of Legal Studies, Central European University (CEU)..

MANFRED NOWAK is Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights, Venice and Director of the Vienna Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights, University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

GERD OBERLEITNER is UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security and Director of the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, University of Graz.

List of Contributors 

With contributions by Lorenzo Acconciamessa, Alfred Benny Auner, Klaus D. Beiter, Iryna Bogdanova, Philip Czech, Laurence Cuny, Ebru Demir, Marie-Lou Deron, Kata Dozsa, Véronique Guèvremont, Lisa Heschl, Vicky Kapogianni, Terence Karran, Spyridoula Katsoni, Nina Lenglinger, Karin Lukas, Noemi Magugliani, Pádraig McAuliffe, Isabella Meier, Ingrida Milkaite, Andreas Th. Müller, Manfred Nowak, Paul Patreider, Annick Pijnenburg, Domenico Rosani, Denis Roynard, Irene Sacchetti, Tomasz Sroka, Klaus Starl and Sue Anne Teo.

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  • Table of contents and preliminary pages
  • Planetary Justice, Human Rights and the ECHR: Advancing Alternative Onto-Epistemologies to Face Climate-Related Challenges
  • Shouldering the Burden of Intergenerational Justice: Children and Youth Representing Future Generations in Climate Change Politics, Law and Litigation
  • The Positive Obligations of States to Protect the Climate or the Environment as Part of the Protection of Human Life and Health under the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Bringing the European Human Rights System and International Environmental Law Together in Climate Change Cases
  • Is the European Convention on Human Rights Equipped to Tackle the Plastic Crisis in the Mediterranean Sea?
  • Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia: Taking Stock of the Latest Developments in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
  • Human Rights and Unilateral Economic Sanctions: A New Perspective on a Twisted Relationship
  • A European Perspective on Safeguarding the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and Artistic Freedom in the Digital Environment
  • Rethinking the Limits of Artistic Freedom: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on where to Draw the Line
  • The Commercial Attack on Universities: Academic Freedom—An Orphan under the European Human Rights Framework?
  • Access to Abortion under the European Convention of Human Rights: Overcoming the Boundaries of Treaty Interpretation
  • Recognising Children Born Out of Surrogacy: A Review of the EU Draft Regulation on Cross-Border Parenthood
  • Strengthening Children’s Rights to Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Environment: Walking the Tightrope in the EU
  • Rough Around the Edges or a Fundamental Disconnect? (Re-)Examining the Theory and Utility of Human Rights through the Six Systemic Distortions Afforded by Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • When Aerial Surveillance Becomes the Sine Qua Non for Interceptions at Sea: Mapping the EU and its Member States’ Complicity in Border Violence
  • Exclusion of Migrants from Political Rights: Legitimate Choice or Unjustifiable Discrimination?
  • On Second (and Third) Thoughts: Raising, Revising and Reviving the Concept of Progressive Realisation Over Time
  • Strengthening Human Rights at the Local Level in Georgia: A Case Study Based on the European Charter of Local Self-Government
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union and Human Rights in 2022: National Security Interests as Means of Deviation from EU Law?
  • The Case Law of the ECtHR in 2022: Strasbourg in the ‘Age’ of Protocol No. 15
  • Natalia Kobylarz and Evadne Grant (eds.): Human Rights and the Planet: The Future of Environmental Human Rights in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Asgeir Falch-Eriksen and Karmen Toros (eds.): Professional Practice in Child Protection and the Child’s Right to Participate
  • Gerd Oberleitner (ed.): Research Handbook on International Law and Human Security
  • Kostas Chrysogonos and Anna Tsiftsoglou (eds.): Democracy after Covid: Challenges in Europe and Beyond
  • Kate Ogg: Protection from Refuge: From Refugee Rights to Migration Management
  • Sandra Fredman: Discrimination Law (Third Edition)
  • Iryna Bogdanova (ed.): Unilateral Sanctions in International Law and the Enforcement of Human Rights: The Impact of the Principle of Common Concern of Humankind
  • Claire Loven: Fundamental Rights Violations by Private Actors and the Procedure before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Pavel Šturma and Milan Lipovský (eds.): The Crime of Genocide: Then and Now: Evolution of Crime
  • Index