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Gender Quotas for Company Boards

Book | 1st edition 2014 | Europe | Marc De Vos, Philippe Culliford

Gender quotas for company boards are becoming a totemic issue of gender diversity policy in today’s labour market. Throughout the Western world many countries are experimenting with compulsory gender diversity measures for board rooms. The European Union as a whole is considering to make such quotas obligatory.

This book analyses the EU proposal and brings together the experiences of countries that have, to various degrees, taken the road towards formalising gender balance in the board room. It offers a critical context to these evolutions by testing the presumptions of the quotas drive on two key fronts: their relation to corporate governance and their compatibility with non-discrimination law. As the gender composition of company boards is gaining widespread attention, this book offers a timely analysis and useful perspectives that will inform both proponents and opponents. Blending disciplines as well as countries, this book will appeal to anyone with a professional interest in the topic, in particular lawyers, management consultants, and policy makers.

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Publication Date Mar 31, 2014
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  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1. Do Gender Quotas Contribute to Better Corporate Governance?
    Hans De Wulf
  • Chapter 2. Gender Quotas and EU Discrimination Law
    Marc De Vos
  • Chapter 3. The Commission Proposal for Improving Gender Balance in Company Boards
    Andreas Stein, Rosalinde van der Vlies
  • Chapter 4. The Law of 28 July 2011 to Guarantee the Presence of Women on the Decision-Making Bodies of Autonomous Public Undertakings, Listed Companies and the National Lottery
    Philippe Lambrecht
  • Chapter 5. Role of Self-Regulation in Listed Companies Recruitment of Women into Top Positions in Finland
    Anne Kovalainen, Linda Hart
  • Chapter 6. France: The Measures of Positive Discrimination within the Boards of Directors of Undertakings
    Brigitte Gresy
  • Chapter 7. Gender Quota in Company Boards: Germany
    Bernd Waas
  • Chapter 8. Gender Quota on the Boards of Corporations in Iceland
    Gudbjörg Linda Rafnsdóttir, Thorgerdur Einarsdóttir, Jón Snorri Snorrason
  • Chapter 9. The Dutch Solution: No Quota but Legal Targets
    Chantal L.H.S. Remery
  • Chapter 10. The Norwegian Gender Balance Law – A Benchmark?
    Morten Huse
  • Chapter 11. The Balanced Representation of Men and Women on the Board of Directors of Companies Listed on Stock Exchanges and Public Undertakings: The Status Quaestionis in Spain
    Reyes Pala Laguna
  • About the Authors