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Real Obligations at the Edge of Contract and Property

Book | 1st edition 2020 | Belgium | Siel Demeyere

This book extensively analyses obligations connected to property rights, or ‘real obligations’, in a comparative perspective through a study of Belgian, French, Dutch and Scots law. Examples of real obligations are the periodical payment obligation of a long lease holder, the maintenance of the property subject to a servitude and the financial contributions by apartment owners.

A real obligation differs in several aspects from a personal obligation. A real obligation is for instance so closely connected to a property right that the obligation transfers automatically to the transferee of the property right. After defining real obligations and the exclusion of several related legal mechanisms in Part I, the regime of real obligations is analysed in Part II. The liability of both the transferor and transferee for real obligations, which are for many property rights underregulated, for instance, are analysed in detail.
Those findings are applied to the specific property rights in Part III, so that particular problems for a specific property right are also analysed and, where possible, solved. For instance the role of party autonomy in the creation of a long lease right is studied. Also the different obligations which can be connected to a servitude are delineated.

Part IV deals with legal mechanisms most of which have recently been introduced, allowing to connect obligations to a piece of property, outside the traditional framework of property rights, such as the Dutch ‘qualitative obligation’ and the French obligation réelle environnementale. The book ends with a discussion of the possibility and desirability of the (broader) introduction of such real obligations, which could entail the introduction of new property rights sui generis.

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Format Hardback
EAN / ISSN 9781780689166
Series name Property Law Series
Weight 1440 g
Status Available
Number of pages xxvi + 816 p.
Access to exercice No
Publisher Intersentia
Language English
Publication Date Jul 17, 2020
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  • Contents
    Siel Demeyere
  • Introduction
    Siel Demeyere
  • Part I. Static dimension of real obligations: concept and sources
  • Chapter 1. Property Law Scholarship
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 2. Constitutive Building Blocks of Real Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 3. Sources of Real Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 4. Exclusion of Other Contracts and Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Part II. Dynamic dimension of real obligations: liability for real obligations
  • Chapter 1. Transfer of the Obligation with the Property Right
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 2. Abandonment
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 3. Liability for Real Obligations: Overarching Issues
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 4. Other Grounds for Extinction of Real Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Part III. Real obligations in the framework of coexistent property rights Section I. Proprietary relationship regarding one single (im)movable
  • Chapter 1. Co-owner
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 2. Apartment Rights
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 3. Usufruct
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 4. Long Lease
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 5. Building Right
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 6. Droit réel de jouissance spéciale in French Law
    Siel Demeyere
  • Part III. Real obligations in the framework of coexistent property rights Section II. Proprietary relationship involving two immovables
  • Chapter 1. Negative Obligations Between Two Pieces of Land: Servitude and Scottish Real Burden
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 2. Positive Obligations Between Two Pieces of Land
    Siel Demeyere
  • Part IV. Autonomous real obligations
  • Chapter 1. Autonomous Negative Obligations: Kwalitatieve verplichtingen
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 2. Autonomous Positive Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 3. The (Im)possibility and (Un)desirability of Autonomous Real Obligations
    Siel Demeyere
  • Chapter 4. Conclusion
    Siel Demeyere
  • General Conclusion
    Siel Demeyere
  • Bibliography
    Siel Demeyere
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