Francesca Ramadan

An Interview with our New Publisher: Francesca Ramadan 

Francesca Ramadan, our new Publisher, discusses what brought her to Intersentia and what she is excited about for the future of the company. 

Tell us a little bit about your history. How did you come to Intersentia?

I began my career as an Assistant Commissioning Editor for a B2B publisher for the legal and information management markets, before moving to manage a portfolio of academic healthcare journals. My new role as Publisher at Intersentia is my first full-time role following an extensive period of freelancing, and I am excited to see where this new opportunity takes me.

What drew you to Intersentia? 

Before joining Intersentia, I was attracted to the elements of its catalogue that concerned social and climate justice issues and topics like children’s rights, data privacy and the intersection of gender, sexuality and family dynamics and definitions with the law, so I’m excited to continue this legacy as the new Publisher. 

Why publish with Intersentia? 

We are a small team with a big impact. In the 13 years since our founding, Intersentia has developed into an established publishing house with a global presence, but we retain our personal touch. Our commitment to quality is the foundation of the entire publishing process: all of our copyeditors are native English speakers, and our Editorial colleagues bring their extensive experience and expertise to the production process. We understand that each project, and the person behind it, is unique, and we work closely with our authors and editors to bring their vision to life.

What can we expect in the future from Intersentia? 

Intersentia UK’s strength lies in our commitment to our authors and dedication to excellence, which I hope to further develop in collaboration with the team. The protection of human rights and vulnerable groups and the promotion of marginalised voices has always been fundamental to Intersentia’s ethos, and I am passionate about continuing and furthering this trend as we move forward.

Any specific publications or events that you are particularly excited about? 

We have some exciting publications in the pipeline for 2023 and into 2024, including titles covering the right to know one’s genetic origins, the law and bioethics of end-of-life decisions, free movement and cross-border child relocation. However, we remain committed to those organisations and titles with which we have a longstanding history, including the International Society of Family Law and the International Academy of Comparative Law. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the 2023 iteration of the International Survey of Family Law and our upcoming titles within the Ius Comparatum series.






About the book

The EU Regulations on Matrimonial Property and Property of Registered Partnerships

This volume contributes to the literature on private international family law in Europe through the examination of two recent EU instruments: the Matrimonial Property Regulation and the Regulation on the Property Consequences of Registered Partnerships. The book presents the two regulations in a clear and comprehensive manner and analyses their implications for EU family law going forward.

Lucia Ruggeri, Agne Limante, Neža Pogorelcnik Vogrinc

February 2022
ISBN 97817839701993

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