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The European Environmental Law Forum is a non-profit initiative of environmental law scholars and practitioners from across Europe aiming to support intellectual exchange on the development and implementation of international, European and national environmental law in Europe.

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  1. Rethinking Environmental Law

    Rethinking Environmental Law

    Connectivity, Intersections and Conflicts in the Global Environmental Crisis
    Book | 1st edition 2024 | World | Endrius Cocciolo, Jordi Jaria-Manzano, Aitana De la Varga, Maria Marques-Banque

    This book explores the current evolution of environmental law, focusing on connectivity, conflicts, and interdisciplinary collaboration. It addresses the complex landscape of the global environmental crisis, offering valuable perspectives on its main challenges.


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  2. Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective

    Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective

    Book | 1st edition 2021 | United Kingdom | Barbara Pozzo, Valentina Jacometti
    This book analyzes the legal issues arising from and relating to environmental loss and damage. It does so from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, examining both public and private law aspects. It takes into consideration specific legal issues concerning liability, compensation and restoration of damage in different sectors and jurisdictions.
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  3. Procedural Environmental Rights

    Procedural Environmental Rights

    Principle X in Theory and Practice
    Book | 1st edition 2018 | United Kingdom | Jerzy Jendroska, Magdalena Bar
    'Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice' provides an overview of various aspects of the current status, development and practice of rights of access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters following their codification as non-binding principles in Principle X of the Rio Declaration.
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