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Constitutional law of Poland

Livre | 1ère édition 2022 | Europe | Anna Rytel-Warzocha

Presenting the main principles as well as the fundamental rules of Polish constitutional law and its relationship with European law, this book allows to discover and understand the specificities of the constitutional history of Poland within the European Union. Its reading is indispensable for understanding the constitutional dynamics accompanying European construction in this state and for grasping the political and legal culture that is unique to Poland.

The author approaches Polish constitutional law from a historical, institutional, normative and jurisprudential perspective. Structured in four chapters, the book deals with the essential themes of constitutional law such as power, norms, justice and fundamental rights. In keeping with the characteristics of this Collection, each chapter is devoted to developments in the European field, thus opening up the study of constitutional law to the specific challenges of the European Union.

This book is intended for law and political science students from the first year of their degree to the doctorate as well as for teachers. It will also be a valuable tool for political and economic actors who wish to have a comprehensive view of Polish constitutional law.

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Type de produit Livre
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EAN / ISSN 9782802768739
Nom de la collection Droit constitutionnel européen
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Nombre de pages 210 p.
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Langue Anglais
Date de publication 12 août 2022
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1. Constitutional history of the state
2. History of the adoption of the Constitution
3. History of accession to the European Union

CHAPTER 1. – The constitutional distribution of powers
1. The horizontal distribution of powers in the state
2. The vertical distribution of powers in the state

CHAPTER 2. – Constitutional articulation of standards
1. The Constitution
2. International Treaties
3. European law
4. Statutes and norms having the force of a statute
5. Regional standards

CHAPTER 3. – The constitutional organization of justice
1. The judiciary
2. Constitutional justice

CHAPTER 4. – Constitutional protection of fundamental rights
1. The constitutional approach to fundamental rights
2. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
3. Civil and political rights
4. Economic and social rights
5. The instruments of the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms